Social Responsibility

Our endeavours in the field of social responsibility are being realised by supporting various activities in the area of humanitarian aid, culture, sport, health care and schooling. Since the existence and development of Radenska strongly depend on intact nature, great attention is given to environmental protection.



Sport and recreation

With its activity and products, Radenska is closely connected to sport, healthy and active way of life. We support sport teams and individuals, representative teams, associations and sports events of different sports branches.


Health care and schooling

Protection of the environment

Due to an easier management of the environmental policy, our company has introduced and certified, along with the ISO 9001:2008 standard, environmental management system in line with the requests of the ISO 14001:2004 standard.

Our development strategy is to produce high quality products by using modern technologies which have minimum negative impacts for the environment. This starts with the selection of new technologies where all environmental protection aspects are taken into account.

In order to protect the environment, our efforts include separate collection of waste, reduction of waste, safe handling of hazardous waste, introduction of human and environment-friendly technologies, protection of the spring area, etc.

In the past decade we made important steps in the field of reducing PET material, amount of water used per product unit and in reducing the use of thermal shrink film. Among other things, neutralisation facility was built, its aim being the collection and neutralisation of all processing waste waters.