Oaza is a low-calorie non-carbonated soft drink that has new content and design for 2016. Our inspiration for the new Oaza came from nature: the local meadows and forest slopes of Slovenia. We have captured the goodness of nature and its positive energy from the pearl of our intact nature; in natural mineral water and created a top-notch product; Oaza with herbal extracts. We have kept the flavour of red grapes and elder while changing only the packaging and the label.

The strong bond with nature is demonstrated by the bottle itself which protects the goodness of the contents with its warm, sun-like colour, and preserves Oaza's freshness.

Oaza is presented in four delicious flavours: Oaza thymeOaza lindenOaza red grape, Oaza elder. It is filled on an aseptic line which is why it the product does not contain preservatives.


The thyme natural aroma and extract with natural mineral water create a rounded whole.

Sales program

Packaging Quantity Package EURO palette
Plastic bottle 1,5 L 6 plastic bottles 76 packs = 456 plastic bottles
Plastic bottle 0,5 L 12 plastic bottles 114 packs = 1368 plastic bottles

We fill it in the plastic non-returnable packing.