Radenska flavoured

Carbonated soft drink

Flavoured Radenska is a refreshing, low-calorie carbonated soft drink. All the benefits of Radenska Classic have found diversity in the sunny tastes of lemon, orange, raspberry and mint&lemon. Flavoured Radenska is made using Radenska Classic natural mineral water, natural bubbles and natural fruit aromas. The sweetness of the product allows a fullness of flavour, yet guarantees lightness in calories. 

Radenska with lemon flavour

Allow natural lemon flavour to tickle you with its freshness.

Plastic bottle 1,5 L and 0,5 L
Plastic bottle 1,5 L and 0,5 L
Glass bottle 0,25 L
Glass bottle 0,25 L
Can 0,33 L
Can 0,33 L

It holds a lot of good:

  • Radenska Classic natural mineral water
  • natural bubbles
  • natural lemon aroma
  • low-calorie

Nutritional value per 100mL of product

Energy value Fats Carbohydrates Proteins
59 kJ/ 14 kcal 0 g
which saturated fatty
acids: 0 g
3 g
glucose: 3 g
0 g
0,1 g

Sales program

Packaging Quantity Package EURO palette
Plastic bottle 1,5 L 6 plastic bottles 76 packs = 456 plastic bottles
Plastic bottle 0,5 L 12 plastic bottles 114 packs = 1368 plastic bottles
Glass bottle 0,25 L 12 glass bottles  144 packs = 1728 glass bottles
Can (lemon and mint&lemon) 0,33 L 24 cans 90 paketov = 2160 cans