Radenska Light

Naturally carbonated natural mineral water

Radenska Light natural mineral water is rich with minerals and contains less carbon dioxide than Radenska Classic. This is appropriate for those who are bothered by the prickling of bubbles. Owing to the harmonic balance of dissolved minerals and the lower content of carbon dioxide, this water is very appropriate for quenching thirst and replacing lost minerals. It is recommended for sportsmen and amateurs to be drunk during as well as after exercising.

Plastic bottle 1,5 L and 0,5 L
Plastic bottle 1,5 L and 0,5 L
Plastic bottle 0,75 L
Plastic bottle 0,75 L

The recognition as natural mineral water label was accorded to Radenska Light with a decision by the Office for the recognition of denominations of agricultural products and foodstuffs.
Since the recognition was granted, outside bodies have been implementing regular control over the quality of the natural mineral water and the filling centre. 

Radenska Light natural mineral water contains:

  • cations in mg/L: sodium 400, calcium 220, magnesium 95, potassium 70,
  • anions in mg/L: hydrogen carbonate  2000, sulphate  72, chloride  44, fluoride 0,35,
  • CO2 minimum 2800 mg/L.

Radenska Light natural Mineral water does not contain nitrates; the concentration of nitrates is under the quantification limit of the analytical method.  
Aquifers of Radenska Light natural mineral water are protected from outside influences with thick, impermeable layers of clay, preserving the original purity of water.

Sales program

Packaging Quantity Package EURO palette
Plastic bottle 1,5 L 6 plastic bottles 76 packs = 456 plastic bottles
Plastic bottle 0,75 L 6 plastic bottles 145 packs = 870 plastic bottles
Plastic bottle 0,5 L 12 plastic bottles 114 packs = 1368 plastic bottles

We fill the mineral water in plastic non-returnable packing.