The Story of Radenska

In the olden days, there was a well-known adage that times change and we change right along with them. We could complete this thought by adding that not only are we transformed by time but places are as well. How changed and unrecognizable would the contemporary image of Radenska and its spa seem to Dr. Karl Henn if he were able to come back from eternity and walk through the meadow which he discovered in 1833. He would now see modern hotels with a big parking lot stretched before them in the place where he once heard the sound of bubbling water that told him of the presence of a mineral water spring. He would see the thermal baths, the green plots and playing fields, the yellow-green building housing the tennis courts. Even if he were to visit the old part of the spa, he would probably have difficulty recognizing it in the newly-connected and renovated structures though he himself had long ago given instructions for their construction in accordance with a design similar to that of the edifice he named after his wife, Anin Dom (now Radgonska House). In vain, he would look for the pair of buildings – called Karlov Dom – that used to stand opposite. On the basis of modernization plans, the buildings bearing his name had been torn down some time ago.