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It is about more than 400 hearts that beat with the same rhythm – with and for the company, which we have been building and managing with all our hearts and an unwavering dedication since way back in 1869, when the visionary physician Karl Henn first tapped the water that would be used in the first bottled mineral water on our soil. Today, we offer a wide range of products of various brands.

Any company that has been in business for almost 155 years and is still in excellent condition is really quite special. Not only special – it needs to have quality, it needs to take care of its employees, be responsible toward its customers, and... Yes, it needs to have a heart. All these things guide the operations of Radenska Adriatic and help the company make a name for itself at home and abroad. As the one of the largest premium class mineral water manufacturer in the Adriatic region, we have managed to make the name "radenska" a generic term for any mineral water in this region. It seems as if other brands do not even exist any more – do we really need to say any more about the quality of our leading product or does the first sentence not say it all? Yet we do not rest on our laurels. We have been complementing our main selection of natural mineral and spring waters with a diverse portfolio of flavoured water and non-alcoholic beverages, among which the brand Ora holds a very special place.

Radenska is today a globally renowned brand that always responds to changes and trends. It transforms nature's untainted riches into commercial products of the highest quality while at the same time carefully managing the social and natural environment in which we operate.

In 2015, Radenska became a member of the Kofola Group, a Czech company that ranks among the leading manufacturers of carbonated soft drinks in Central Europe and has seven manufacturing plants in five European markets. In 2016, the Croatian company Studenac also joined the group, broadening the portfolio of products and the selection with several new brands.

As a company with a long-standing history that dates back to 1700 and, according to some data, even to Roman times, Studenac greatly strengthened our position on the Croatian market. Their flagship beverage, Lipički Studenac, has long been the only mineral water in the country, just as Radenska in Slovenia.

The way everyone knows and adores it. Just like our products, our values are also consistent and complementary – to offer buyers quality beverages, based on natural resources.

With the absolute support of our parent company, we are present on the Croatian market as Radenska Zagreb d.o.o. and continue to successfully manage our brands, while also opening our three hearts to new members of our extended assortment of products.

Radenska Adriatic is the parent corporate brand that unites the hearts of our companies in Slovenia and Croatia and has the desire to connect all its colleagues in the region into one big family – with three hearts.

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