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Lipički Studenac

The natural mineral water Lipički Studenac has been tapped at a depth of 400 metres in the unspoilt nature of Lipika since 1875. It contains a smaller amount of soluble minerals than other mineral waters, which is why it is easier to consume on a daily basis, even in large quantities. It is of excellent quality, well balanced, and neutral in taste as well as fresh. A perfect choice for mixing with wine, because it does not change the wine's taste because it has less saltiness.

Abstract/extract from analysis
Cations in mg/L: sodium 101,0, calcium 72,5, magnesium 26,4, potassium 13,3
Anions in mg/L: hydrogencarbonate 493, chloride 51,2, sulphate 31,3, fluoride 1,2
Total dissolved solids in mg/L: 821
Carbonated natural mineral water
Plastic bottle
1,5 L
Plastic bottle
0,5 L
Glass bottle
1 L
Glass bottle
0,75 L
Glass bottle
0,25 L

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