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Radenska Petanjski vrelec

In the Petanjci area, on the right side of the river Mura, there is a spring of natural mineral water, rich in minerals and carbon dioxide, named Petanjski vrelec. Petanjski vrelec mixes perfectly with dry and semi-dry wines and is indispensable in the preparation of a "spritzer". Try it and see for yourself!

Abstract/extract from analysis
Cations in mg/L: sodium 1000, calcium 130, potassium 74, magnesium 49
Anions in mg/L: hydrogencarbonate 3100, chloride 220, sulphate 130, fluoride 1,3
Total dissolved solids in mg/L: 4710
Carbon dioxide content in mg/L: min. 3500
Natural mineral water fortified with gas from the spring
Glass bottle
1 L

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