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Natural spring water is distinguished by its cold springs, which are the reason "Studena" is called "Studena" (EN: very cold).

Studena springs from the neighbouring hills of the Croatian town Pakrac. Experts have traced its origins to around 7,600 years. The natural spring water Studena is extremely drinkable due to its balanced mineral composition and a perfect choice for a daily intake of fluids and minerals.

Abstract/extract from analysis
Cations in mg/L: calcium 79, magnesium 26,8, sodium 11,4, potassium 1,1
Anions in mg/L: hydrogencarbonate 400, chloride 4,1, sulphate 3,3, fluoride 0,21
Total dissolved solids in mg/L: 556
Spring water
Plastic bottle
1,5 L
Recycled plastic bottle
0,5 L
Glass bottle
0,25 L

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